Training Tips

Gwinnett Medical Center’s Becky Thompson, Running & Fitness Specialist, has recorded a series of short videos giving runners (of all experience levels) some practical running tips to perform at your highest level, avoid injuries, and avoid common mistakes.

Mistakes Runners Make (Part 1)

Mistakes Runners Make (Part 2)

Mistakes Runners Make (Part 3)

Mistakes Runners Make (Part 4)

Running Tips: Warming Up

Running Tips: Running Shoes

Running Tips: Running Form

Running Tips: Injury Prevention

The 5K is one of the most popular race lengths in the world. A 5k run is 5 kilometers long, which is the equivalent of 3.1 miles. Because the 5K is one of the shorter road races, it’s very popular among beginner runners who want to give racing a try as well as advanced runners who like to have short-term goals. Presented by Gwinnett Medical Center – Duluth, the following handouts contain valuable tips on staying healthy before and after a 5K race.

These nutrition and training tips are must reads for both new and experienced runners.

Beginner 5k Run/Walk Plan
6-week training plan for beginner 5K runners

Cross-Training Guidelines
The five benefits of cross-training and some common examples

Nutrition & Hydration Guidelines
General nutrition and hydration tips for training in hot and humid weather